Creative Writing and Story Telling wordshops

Dorian Haarhoff's workshops are meant for individuals or groups who wish to explore their creativity, improve their skills and understand their relationships.

The workshops help build confidence in an enjoyable, and non-threatening way. While different kinds of  workshops  carry  different emphases, they all deal with vision, imagination, inspiration, energy and learning a craft. And being at home with words.

We work experientially in supportive groups. Beginners are welcome. No special talents are necessary.

We are all endowed as story-tellers.
There is a mystic in everyone of us. 
Matthew Fox

You, your friends and your story
A 3-hour writing workshop for a special occasion
Get a group  together to write about your relationship to a birthday person or a wedding couple, to give as a gift.
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These hands-on workshops are held in various centres throughout southern Africa or elsewhere. They are run through organisations or privately. Courses can be created around specific needs. You can design your own workshop or join one of the "forthcoming attractions."
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Dorian teaches an annual Zen Pen
workshop at the
Buddhist Retreat Centre at Ixopo
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