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Creative Writing Wordshops
A Writer's Retreat
Dorian has a furnished one bedroom flat with mountain and sea views 2km from the Gordon's Bay beach and the zany Bikini Beach bookshop. This is an ideal writer's retreat for those of you who need such a space. There is a built in braai on the balcony and a swimming pool in the complex. Reasonable rates - contact Dorian to enquire
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Writing your Spiritual Journey
A Creative Reading and Writing Course
This course offers you a safe place to explore whatever you need to explore, irrespective of your beliefs.
Dr Dorian Haarhoff
Creative Wordshops
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Somerset West
South Africa

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Need a personal writing MENTOR?

“You make me sound like myself.”

Apart from workshops, Dorian offers writers a one-on-one mentoring service: "Mentoring involves finding out where you want to go with your writing/story-telling/work/life and encouraging you get there. I respond via questions and suggestions, helping you find your voice. Together we enter a great conversation. Like a pair of shoes we walk this road together."
Dorian’s Storyshops/Writeshops/Conversations
String of Beads Wordshops
early 2015

Dorian says:
In conjunction with a book I'm planning to write next year, I'll be running a series of wordshops in different places.

Working title for book and wordshops:
A String of Beads - Threading your story and life together.

In the wordshop we will create a set of beads, assign meaning to each bead and string our words around this this structuring device.

While walking a pilgrim path in Europe in July 2014, I came across a person who carried a set of beads. This encouraged me to create a set of
24 beads of different colours.

The book will include fiction, myth. I'll include life stories out of writing/story-telling wordshops as well as insights into creativity, imagination and the writing process. I'm fascinated by how beads feature in many cultures and faiths so the book will touch on this. Beads have been created from organic materials such as grasses, cocoons, shells and ostrich eggs. There are also rosaries such as "Our Lady Queen of Africa‟ threaded with semi-precious beads. Its centrepiece is based on the Ethiopian cross. Upheavals, atrocities and suffering have inspired other rosaries.

So if this appeals, let's set it up. Contact me.  We can set it up for late Nov or early Dec 2014 or next year.

Western Cape
The Magic Carpeters Writing group
Last Wed evening of every month 6.30–9.30

The 2014 theme: Beyond the senses. Writing exercises, conversation, energy, soup and wine. We meet in a grand, old Stellenbosch house.
Want to join in 2015?

Somerset West
Symbols, Images and Dreams: a Writing Wordshop based on Jung’s Insights into Creativity
Sun 16 Nov 2014 09.30 -16.30

I was driven to ask myself …“what is the myth you are living?”
I found no answer …
So… I took it upon myself to get to know “my” myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks - Jung

This practical wordshop considers Carl Jung‟s impact and influence on the way we create our memoirs, fiction and poetry. Jung‟s insights reverberate through our words and have been elaborated on though Jungians such as James Hollis, Clarissa Estes, Marion Woodman, Helen Luke, James Hillman and Joseph Campbell. We will touch on:

 Myths Archetypes and Characters
 Symbols and Images
 The Unconscious - Collective and Individual
 Shadow and Substance
 Synchronicity and Plot

Though exploring these Jungian concepts, and writing in relation to them, this wordshop experience will deepen your writing in both its creative and crafting phases. We consider how to self-reflect and make the creative process conscious.
also taught in a Canadian Creative Writing Faculty and in many schools. His workshops are based on his text The Writer’s Voice.
Bring writing materials, old magazines and scissors. Bring your own light lunch I'll provide tea and coffee.
Your Life, your Short Story - 2014
A Course leading to a Publication (LSSP)
Three Previous publications (cover design: Dominic Haarhoff)

""To remain vibrant throughout a lifetime we must always be inventing ourselves,
weaving new themes into our life narratives, remembering our past,
re-visioning our future, reauthorising the myth by which we live."
Sam Keen and Ann Valley Fox

Join us next year!