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Looking to fill an entertainment slot for a conference or function?
  • Try an evening of story telling with Dorian Haarhoff around a night fire
  • Let Dorian regale you with tales from the bushveld and many other cultures.
  • ...find the story-teller hidden inside you!
More Tortoise Stories: Stories from Africa and the Great Elsewhere
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Some fifty plus stories to entertain, tease , stimulate creativity, prompt discussion…
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A Poetry CD with 30 of Dorian's poems old and new. Read by Dorian and son Dominic.
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Bosman and Nasrudin under starlight

In 2012 Bosman’s Oom Schalk arrived with stories in his boots at the Gauteng Pig Study group, in Kloof for 70 folk, in Newlands around the autumn fire, in Napier and in Hout Bay.

Leopards, stargazing, peach brandy, starlight, love potions, boerekos. This kind of evening is like singing around the piano at home. Stories and creative activities get folk interacting and prompt conversations. Themes… Chinese, South African, Mediterranean, Arabian nights. Spending quality time. Any rhyme or reason – birthdays, TV fatigue, the art of conversation.

YouTube previews: Oom Schalk and Nasrudin