Graham Williams (co-author Halo and Noose) and Dorian run corporate workshops. They  also offer:

Café Table Conversations and Campfire Chats
A unique year-end event
for your staff

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Stories influence organisations as much as they do individuals
Stories impact on the ABCD of corporate life
Stories to make Businesses come alive
Does your company need to re-examine its formative story?
  • Stories hide in company mission statements.
  • They impact on how personnel involve themselves and invest in work.
  • Unconscious stories can sabotage an organisation.
  • Conscious stories allow choices and offer growth opportunities.
  • Personal work histories influence the way people commit or don't commit to shared aims.
  • Stories shape the next chapter (strategic planning)
From Centre-ing Services links page:
Dorian Haarhoff
- Writer, Story teller
Brilliant use of story in business
in order to engage staff at the emotional and unconscious levels -
impacting on awareness, understanding, attitude, commitment, service orientation, adaptability and confidence

Centre-ing Services have put customer service at the heart of organisations around the world, specialising in all business process and people aspects of superior customer service
Clients include
Business Trust
SAB Miller
Vega Brand and Communication School
De Loittes
Quality Life Company Sasol
Southern Sun
Dorian and Graham Williams have co-authored a book,
The Halo and the Noose:
The Power of Story-Listening/Story-Telling in Business Life
after running a successful business writing course of the same title. The book-launch happened early in 2009. For more info or to order, click!

Words at Work - a writing workshop to enrich corporate work
Contact Angelo Franzoso 021 715 0525 for more information
If you wish to run any of these courses in-house, please contact Dorian
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Comments after workshops:

"Thank you so much for giving us the great treat of listening to you last week. It was an absolutely virtuoso performance and the feedback I received afterwards was most enthusiastic.  Your skill in running what amounted to a workshop, with nearly 500 people, was masterly."
(Chairperson, University of the Third Age, March 2004)

"Thank you for a fascinating time with you. It has opened up a whole  new realm of thinking for me as to how I run my life, and how we  communicate our business in Africa."
(Rob de Groot, Standard Bank. Head: Brand marketing, Africa)

Your workshop was astounding and it left my team with the most awesome energy that bounced off the walls for an entire week.
(Pepe Marais, Creative Director, Joe Public)
A  for attitude, aptitude, adaptability
B  for business acumen, bottom line, balance
C  for client care, change, commitment
D  for drive, downturn, decisions
Read Dorian's article Stories to Ring the Changes, where he describes the role of story telling in organisational change.
The Halo and the Noose:
The Power of Story-Listening/Story-Telling in Business Life.
Also available as an ebook ORDER
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Speaking Engagements

Be still when you have nothing to say
but when genuine passion moves you,
say what you've got to say, and say it hot.
D. H. Lawrence

Dorian created and presented a myth of the Berg at the Drakensberg Sun for Southern Sun executives.
What are the needs of your organisation? Contact Dorian.
Dorian Haarhoff's
Creative Wordshops
Writer - Mentor - Story-teller - Speaker
Visit The Halo and the Noose website
to buy a copy of the NEW eBook
by Graham Williams, Peter Fox and Dorian Haarhoff

Beyond values into virtue … a company road map.

The painting used for the cover, Justiça by Brazilian artist Alexander Moreira, is an unusual depiction of Lady Justice done in soluble coffee and white tempera. It  calls to mind what is honourable, fair, well-reasoned, balanced and ‘jus’ (right): a seeking of the truth and a taking of responsibility. The absence of the usually prominent sword ascribes a gentle strength to Justice, rather than one which destroys.  The aim of such gentle justice in business is restoration and harmony.

“Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts” (Amos 5:15 ) are the virtues of the virtuouso business.