"I have finally been published! A book of short stories (Dragons) and poetry (Dragons and Dreams) . All I really want to say, is that so much of my writing has been influenced by your book, I just want to thank you for all that you do for writers. Thank you for instruction and inspiration and for passing on your knowledge and love of writing. For what it's worth - your work has meant a lot in my life." (KS)

I work on a research development programme for young/new academic staff members and much of our focus is on helping them to get published. Your book has been most helpful to us! (Dr Lyn Holness ,Research Office UCT)

I have long been a fan of your work using the  Writer’s Voice workbook on many occasions in my peace work on the continent.  In my current position I am supporting teams of African peace and justice practitioners working mainly in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and RSA. (Dr Undine Whanda)
Cover of The Writer's Voice
The essence of communication is self-expression. The Writer's Voice is a unique and a methodical approach to harnessing your creative energy and using it to write and communicate effectively and creatively.

The Writer's Voice is about the joy of writing, for ourselves and for other people. A writer's journey is a spiritual, intellectual and emotional one.

Drawing on concepts and aspects such as whole-brain theory, narrative therapy, Jungian psychology, and mythology, Dorian Haarhoff's
We all can write better than we think we can -
we just need to gain the confidence and the discipline to put pen to paper.
This book is essential reading for
Creative writers
Aspirant Writers
Report Writers
Teachers of creativity-related subjects
All who find joy in the writing process
Students at high school, college or university
and all who seek to heal their lives through writing
Paperback R190
workbook on creative writing gives readers the opportunity to move towards self-discovery. Stories, humour, illustrations, mind maps, quotations and cartoons inspire and guide the would-be writer along a potentially difficult path.

The book is divided into two main sections, encouraging the reader to first create the text and then to craft it by applying critical skills. The text maps the writing journey from first inspiration to final presentation, following the writing cycle from chaotic imagining, through several drafts, feedback and editing, to final copy.
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