Dorian has been the keynote speaker at two National Union of Educators Conferences in South Africa and has spoken at Crawford College Training Days. His theme was becoming a 'storied' teacher - one who lives and teaches with the consciousness of living a story.

Dorian has also recently been Writer in Residence at a number of South African schools - Hilton College, St Mary's and Crawford College, La Lucia Durban. At Crawford, he worked with students, staff, parents and the headmaster around creating a vibrant and creative school community. One session included a creative writing workshop for parents who wished to write alongside their children. Dorian has also worked at the International School, Helderberg and Thomas More in Durban

In 2005 Dorian did a video conference around his poetry with Rocky Hill, a Rhode Island east coast US school. Their teacher, Belinda Snyman, who initiated the project  writes, "Thank you for you, for your wonderful words and the passion that you have for writing.  My students were still talking about it during recess, and there were a number of questions as to when they could use some of the thoughts you had shared with them."

See the Community Work page for information on an Aids writing project for children . 

During 2004, 2006 and 2012 Dorian worked in a pilot project with 40 teachers in KwaZulu Natal. They are passing on writing skills to the children they teach who write stories around their experience of HIV/Aids. This is a joint project between HIVAN (HIV AIDS Networking) at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal and ELITS (Education Library Information Technical Services)  within the Department of Education and Culture. Dorian is overseeing the publication of these stories in a book that will go into many of the schools.  The teachers are excited, enthusiastic and motivated.

The Pan South African Language Board conducted a workshop on creative writing in collaboration with the Centre for the Book based in Cape Town. The workshop was held at Mamokgalake- Chuene College of Education in Dennilton, Limpopo Province.
The facilitators for the workshop were Dr Dorian Haarhoff, a specialist in conducting creative writing workshops from the Centre for the Book and Mr Phaswane Mpe, an Author from the African Languages Department at the University of the Witwatersrand.
Thirteen schools, represented by three educators, representing three marginalized languages, Sesotho sa Leboa, lsiZulu and lsiNdebele, participated. The educators were involved in the composition of their own creative writing. It is expected that these educators will start their own newsletter early next year (2003).
Ms J. Mathibela (PanSALB), Dr D Haarhoff (Centre for the Book), Mr N Shabalala (Limpopo Subject Advisor) and Mr P Mpe (an author from Wits African Languages Department)
As a former teacher and teacher trainer, Dorian has a special passion for working in schools and a special rapport with teachers.
Dorian worked at Reddam House, talking on creative stress with the staff and as ‘Writer in Residence’ at St Mary’s DSG, in Kloof
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