Dorian Haarhoff's Likeminded Links
A few selected story telling resources

Story Corps (interview your loved ones)
Storytelling – passport to the 21st century
Movement for Sharing Life Stories in South Africa

Anne Haarhoff OWL (Order, Words, Language)
Need a top class sharp eyed editor and proof reader?
044 873 0547 / 078 273 3963
for those who think about writing and never do it
… have lived through a trauma
… are going through great changes
… have heard that writing can heal you
… would like to meet and learn from others
Lee Cahill's is a site that informs and supports writers
IZIZA encourages everybody with an aptitude for writing with an emphasis on starting something and following it through. A For Kids By Kids range encourages children to support each other in their writing quest. IZIZA also supports adult authors on their writing journey and to publish their books
You might like to send a contribution to the Green Arts page?
Kiki Theo - Holistic wealth creation courses with the author of Money Alchemy & Money Well (Penguin)
Aneta Shaw
Creative relaxation
in a small group context

Enhance personal growth and honour your soul through creative techniques.  Aneta is a clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist, has integrated years of experience and life in other countries with ancient ways of being in this world.

E-mail Aneta
082 686 8118
021 855 5415
Elma Pollard
Write for Earth - email based writing course

Learn the art of eco-journalism with energy and passion. Offer your voice to help craft a better future. More information here.
Writing For Magazines: Absolutely  Everything You Need To Know
by Catriona, international freelancer based in the Cape Winelands.
The Halo and the Noose, the Power of story-telling and story listening in Business Life

published by

Graysonian Press
Inspirational books that change the world
Hugh Hodge

Hugh, the Off-the-Wall Poetry MC and New Contrast Ed, runs a Saturday morning - 0930-1230 - class in creative writing from his home and the homes of participants. The course, As-youwrite-it, is themed on the seven ages of (wo)man; over seven Saturdays. Cost R250 per Saturday or R1000 for all seven if paid up-front. Booking essential. Email. Quorum 3, full house 8.
Juliette Gyure “If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies”

Far Sight Change and Transition Coaching cc provides a framework, creative processes and support mechanisms for people negotiating significant changes and transitions. I have a passion for co-creating innovative pathways to change, transition and transformation with my clients. For a free consultation contact  Juliette Gyure, based in Durban, on 0726353818.
SLED’s accredited Stage 1 South African Sign Language course

SLED is an ETDP accredited training organisation.
For information (021) 448 2520 or email us
Julia Griss
I am now working at Centre 89 in Somerset West. I offer consciousness coaching, deep tissue massage and reflexology. It’s a fabulous centre with a team of skilled therapists offering mainstream alternative therapies. 082 904 8224

Jo Viljoen
I've opened a Narrative Therapy Substance Abuse Recovery Clinic called Clearview Clinic. Near Pretoria 012 819 1422

Dominic Haarhoff
Are you at a turning point in your life? I specialise in vocational counselling based on a synthesis of techniques from Western and Mayan astrology augmented by insight from the I-Ching. Together we create a map towards the successful application of your genetic gifts in an ever-changing work and cosmic context. If you don’t know where to turn look up to a better view and reach for the stars. It is time. If you resonate, ring me on 079 548 8947 or send me an email. (Based in George)

Dominic will be presenting a Kundalini-Shakti Energy Attunement workshop at the Buddhist Retreat Centre, Ixopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal from 4 - 6 September 2013. Email to book, or call 039 834 1836

Anne Haarhoff OWL (Order, Words, Language)
Need a top class sharp eyed editor and proof reader? Oh so most highly recommended
044 873 0547 078 2733963
Bob Commin workshops
Shed some old skins
Bob Commin poet, writer, storyteller and pastor, runs poetry courses/events in the Cape Town Southern Suburbs (Obs to Fish Hoek) (h) 021 447 9550   082 2025303
Dorian's children's story The Water Diviner was shortlisted  (one among three) for the 2011 Golden Baobab Prize for Inspiring African Children's Literature in the Junior Category. This was an all Africa competition.
Digital Publishing-Help offered
Change Designs digital publishing services offers you an easy and affordable way to get your book published. No printing costs. Minimal distribution costs. World-wide distribution. Your readers can read your book on a device of their choice - laptop, eReader, tablet (iPad) or smartphone (iPhone).Your book scales to fit the device it is read on. In addition to digital publishing, Change Designs provides options to assist you with online sales and advertising of your book.

Contact Ruth Tearle
Tel: 021 712 2154 Fax: 021 713 2145